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Session 2

What a kingdom mentality changes in you

Read: Acts 1:1-11

When Jesus came back from the dead, it marked the beginning of a new kingdom. Death and sin no longer ruled. He overcame them both.

Jesus spent 40 days with close friends and followers, preparing them to spread this good news to the world. At the time, many people thought the Messiah would free Israel from Roman rule (Acts 1:6). But Jesus’ kingdom was, first of all, a spiritual kingdom established in the hearts and lives of believers.

This is a big deal because it means Jesus’ kingdom is not a future reality. It is here now, and that fact affects how we see the world. For example, if death has been overcome, this life is no longer all there is.

Instead of worrying about what matters now, we start thinking about what will matter forever. And if Jesus is our king, He gets to decide what’s right and wrong. We’ll find ourselves hurt and frustrated if we chase what was right in the old kingdom while we’re living in this new one.

A kingdom mentality changes where we put our focus, how we make decisions, and the way we treat others. We don’t have to force this way of thinking. It comes as we listen to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide us.

Jesus’ presence and power dwell in us through the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). The same way that we learn over time what our bosses will approve of or what our spouses will appreciate, we learn to think like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The closer we get to Jesus the more we see the world through His eyes and develop His mindset. Not only does this transform our relationships and our work, but it also prepares us for eternity.


  • Would you say you are living your life with a kingdom mentality or a mankind mentality? Why?
  • What is the biggest obstacle you face to seeing life as Jesus does?
  • The closer we grow in our walk with Christ the more we will develop a kingdom mentality. What is one step you can take to grow closer to Jesus this week?

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