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Session 16

Be Confident and Connected

Read: Hebrews 10:19-25

The hot summer sun beats down on your sweaty face, arms and legs. Each stride forward, it feels as if you’re slicing through the thick, humid air with your sore feet.

You’re jogging around your neighborhood. Already tired from a long week at work and getting too little sleep the night before, your body craves rest. You know exercise is important to your health so you try to block the voice urging you to quit, but it’s so tempting to give up.

A few more blocks and your body is in all-out revolt. Your pace slows to a walk and you’re about to quit when a friend suddenly appears next to you. She’s weary, running the same route as you, but she spurs you forward. Your muscles ache but you resolve not to give up, gaining confidence because someone now runs alongside you.

Training together is always better than trying alone.

Jesus is the one who coaches us toward the finish line. We can “draw near to God” because Jesus took responsibility and connected us to Him. We know Jesus is trustworthy because He keeps promises to us and sticks with us through good and bad.

We have confidence because of Jesus’ consistency (Hebrews 10:23). And in that confidence, we can help other people meet Jesus and see how consistently good He is.

Being around the people of God helps us get closer to God. We don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Connecting to a group of people following Jesus helps us learn who God is and how to take next steps with Him.


  • Which of your relationships help you see Jesus more clearly?
  • What changes do you need to make in your relationships to keep “drawing near to God”?

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