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Session 1

Steadier Than A Rock

Read: Hebrews 1

Imagine riding a roller coaster as you climb that first big hill. Will you crest the top and fly into the coming fall with your hands high in the air or securely gripping the safety bar? Maybe you’re climbing some steps with a load of groceries. You might put one hand on the handrail. If both hands are busy, maybe you just lean against the side as you make your way up. We all understand feeling unsteady and wanting, or needing, something to hold onto, lean against or otherwise depend on to help us through the unsteadiness.

Life is full of times when we don’t feel secure - whether it is stress in an important relationship, a financial crisis, spiritual doubts, a frightening diagnosis or many other ways that life knocks us off balance.  

Hebrews 1 teaches that we serve a Lord stronger than anything, “sustaining all things by his powerful word” and that His authority and strength “will last forever and ever.” No matter how life pushes us beyond our "safe zone,” we can turn to God who is rock-steady in every circumstance and never changes. Whether we need a gentle arm to lean on or a full body embrace, God is always there and ready for us.


  • Do you know for sure that you have the strength and permanent presence of God in your life to sustain you through the challenges that life will bring? If not, your next step might be salvation.
  • If you are not sure about how to lean on God’s strength when you are unsteady, look here for things you can do right now to feel more of God’s power in your life.

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