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Session 5

What would you do for the one you love?

Read: Song of Solomon 3:1-5

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for the one you love? Maybe you got a tattoo with that person’s name or tried something completely out of your comfort zone because you knew it would make him or her smile. In Song of Solomon 3:1-4, the woman recalls a time when she woke from a dream in the middle of the night and searched the town for her man.

When we love someone, we’ll do all we can to care for that person’s needs and bring him or her joy, even if it costs us personally. Our willingness to sacrifice to be close to the ones we love, to see them succeed, and to see them happy is a reflection of Jesus’ love in us. 

Jesus loved us perfectly, and in doing so, He gave us an example of how to love our spouses.

Jesus left heaven, where He had perfect fellowship with God and entered our broken, sinful world. His death made a way for us to have a relationship with God, to spend eternity in heaven, and to experience an abundant life on earth.

Jesus was willing to search and do whatever it took to bring us home. He loved us perfectly and in doing so, He gave us an example of how to love our spouses.

Loving our spouses sacrificially starts by understanding that Jesus loves us sacrificially. He is the model of sacrificial love, and as we follow His example, we become better spouses, parents, and friends.


  • What’s one way you can get out of your comfort zone and love your spouse this week?
  • What’s one way Jesus’ love for you influences the way you love your spouse?
  • Seeing the lengths Jesus goes to for us stirs our hearts to respond. What is your response to Jesus’ sacrifice? Gratitude? Humility? A desire to learn more? If you’ve never asked Jesus into your life, you can do that today. Learn more about salvation or email us at

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