Four Promises

From The Table

April 14, 2019

family salvation celebration promises communion

The Jewish Passover meal was celebrated for thousands of years as the anticipated fulfilment of all God's promises to His people. At ...

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Learning how to pray like Jesus

jesus celebration prayer

Praying never came easy for me.  At first, I worried I wasn’t doing it right. I’d get so concerned with how I was prayi...

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A Guide for Feasting at Home

celebration prayer fasting

Take this celebration to your home. Do this with whoever you call family — your group, your children, your friends, your family. &nb...

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Three Things To Help You Share Your Story And Answers To Some FAQs

evangelism celebration purpose

We want to help you share your story because every story that matters to God, matters to us.

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Share Your Story

celebration purpose

Jesus is at work in each of us, which means we all have a story to tell. Share your story with us and discover the power of your sharing ...

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