5 important but hard questions for friends to ask

Do you have one of those friends you will answer any question you throw at them? Do you have friends who will ask you those hard questions, too?

You already know you can't do life alone. If you are trying to do life alone, you're probably tired, frustrated and lonely. Many of us have struggled for years before we opened up and reached out to others who put their hope in Jesus. It's fun and challenging to consistently meet with people to get encouraged and to encourage them, like Hebrews 10:23-25 explains. It really works. Yes, it sometimes hurts, but if we truly want to hold unswervingly to the life God has called us to, we must value the "spur" and make it a habit to meet with others.

What Does it Mean to "Spur one Another On?"

Spurring. Maybe your first thought is cowboys and horses, but that's not what the writer of Hebrews is referring to. The writer is referring to the willingness to have tough conversations with your close friends — the willingness to get close enough to a group of people to open up your life and decisions so they can help you stay on course.

Who Tells You the Honest Truth?

So, who's your spurring partner? Who do you consistently meet with and talk about the real messy stuff in your life, the stuff that matters? Who can read you as soon as you walk into a room? Who knows what you're mad about and what gets you excited? If you're a man, what other man can you be completely vulnerable and transparent with? If you're a woman, what other woman can you be completely vulnerable and transparent with?

Who do you need to call right now? Maybe a group of people that consistently meets together in a house, dorm, restaurant or coffee shop is more your thing. Whoever it is, give them permission to spur you forward. Allow your close, trusted friends to get in your business and ask you these questions.

5 Important, Hard Questions to Keep You on Track

  1. What have you spent your money on this week? Where do you need to re-budget? (Get free, confidential help here.)
  2. Is there anyone in your life right now that you are having an inappropriate relationship with, whether it be in person, over text messages, or on social media?
  3. Are you getting enough rest? When is the last time you took a day off from work? Have you felt more drained or energized this week? How do you need to adjust your schedule?
  4. How's your health, both physical and spiritual? How many hours have you dedicated to exercise this week? What food have you put in your body? What have you learned about God from reading the Bible and praying?
  5. Is there anything you need to confess that you know you shouldn't have done this week?

Get started today. Others who ask us hard questions like these help to spur us forward and prepare us to be more like Jesus. Spurring can sometimes hurt, but it's necessary. Spurring pushes us towards love and good deeds and away from selfishness and evil deeds.

If you need relationships with trusted friends who hold you accountable, find a Group here.

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