What does it mean to put God first?

Jan 2, 2019

money bible time management accountability following jesus put god first

My husband and I have been on a debt-free journey ever since we got married. Although, if I’m being honest, we have been on a debt-free j...

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Why I gave up on my marriage

Nov 1, 2016

healing marriage forgiveness faith honesty divorce reconciliation

Heiko Dotterweich had given up on God and wanted to walk out on his family, until he learned there was still hope for his marriage ...

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5 important but hard questions for friends to ask

July 27, 2016

community friendship accountability discipleship

Do you have one of those friends you will answer any question you throw at them? Do you have friends who will ask you those hard question...

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How to Find Good Friends (Because It’s Not As Easy As a Google Search)

April 7, 2016

community church friendship accountability

In school, you’ve got sports teams, clubs, and other activities that make building friendships easier. When you see the same people week ...

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Dating After Divorce

Nov 3, 2015

community forgiveness divorce accountability

The big "D" is final—divorce—and you’re ready to re-enter the dating scene. But do you feel like damaged goods, like you’ve been branded...

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