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When hearing the word marriage, most envision wedding bells, a white dress, and a couple who is madly in love. Before the big day, marriage seems like the goal, when in reality, maintaining a healthy marriage afterward is the goal. So what happens after the ceremony is over, some time has passed and a few bumps have occurred in your marriage?

Our Best Resources on Marriage

1. Five steps to take your marriage from good to great [article]

Are you looking to get your marriage back on track, or to simply let your spouse know how loved they are? Click here to discover five practical steps to make your marriage better than ever.

2. Three ways to show grace to your spouse [article]

 It’s God’s grace — not our nagging — that changes people. 

3. The key to satisfying sex in marriage [article]

Living in a world that has defiled sex to a meaningless act in search of pleasure, it’s difficult to navigate God’s intention for sex. Learn more about three concepts about God’s design for sex and how they can keep the intimacy and pleasure in our marriage.

4. Believing in the underdog [sermon]

Looking for some encouragement and guidance in your marriage? In this message, Sharie and Clayton King tell the story of their marriage, struggles and all. They admit they often felt like the underdogs. They encourage us in the fact that throughout history we can see God loves underdogs and uses them in incredible ways.

5. Restoring a marriage destroyed by my husband’s double life [story]

After 14 years of sexual addictions, Kelly and Jordan saw that God had used the pain in their marriage to restore it.

6. Why I gave up on my marriage [story]

Heiko put up many walls between him and God after 14 years of distance and a one-year separation between him and his wife. After his son had returned from Gauntlet in 2015, he decided to attend church with him the next Sunday. It was there he realized he had turned his back on God but God had never turned his back on him.

7. Our marriage problems tempted me to have an affair [story]

On the outside, Chris and Sandi seemed to have a beautiful life. Becoming busy with work, Chris has little to no time with his family. This left a void in his and Sandis marriage that he filled with an emotional affair. After watching online Sandi told Chris they would be going to the NewSpring campus in Charleston the next morning. There he found the courage to let go of all the secrets he was holding and let God restore his marriage.

8. Tighten the Knot [sermon series] 

No matter how happy a couple is, everyone can think of something they want to be different. But for all the reasons to break the knot, there's always a reason to tighten it. 

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