Top resources on money

Money is the leading cause for marriages ending and depression. The Bible gives us clear instructions with our money and shows us that God is in control of our finances. Are you having trouble trusting God with money?

Our Best Resources on Money

1. How to win with money [page]
Is your next step tithing, budgeting, or one-on-one coaching? Learn more about the classes and coaching our church offers here!

2. Six questions about tithing answered [article]
Trusting God with our money is hard, especially during the times we’re praying that there will be enough to get by. With money being tricky to navigate itself, tithing brings up lots of questions. 

3. Three financial mistakes you may be making right now [article]
We all desire to be successful with our money. This can lead us to view money in the wrong perspective. This article walks us through three mistakes we may be making with our money. 

4. We had 46,000 reasons to live debt free [story]
To allow his wife to follow her dream of being a stay at home mom, Jeremy got serious about paying off his debt. After trusting God with all of his finances and not just the tithe, Jeremy and his wife watch God do abundantly more in their lives.  

5. Trusting God was my way out of financial bondage [story]
Tithing shows that we trust God being in control of our finances. Tithing was Roshanda first step toward freedom from financial bondage. 

6. Five actions that show we put God first with our money [article] 

Jesus said we cannot love both God and money. Each is a powerful master and motivator, and we show which one comes first in our heart through these actions.

7. Have I gotten this provision thing all wrong? [article] 

Sometimes, God allows us to experience the consequences of a bad financial decision because the change in our hearts is a greater miracle than if He miraculously changed our financial state. 

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