Why you need to know what God is like

serving compassion generosity humility characteristics of god

If you watch kids play, you’ll catch a toddler feeding baby dolls and putting them to sleep. You’ll find someone pretending to shop or ta...

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How a Gauntlet leader opened her heart and her home to a student in crisis

death family community salvation addiction relationships compassion

A friendship, begun on the bus home from Gauntlet, turned into a lifeline when Hope Aho’s mom accidentally overdosed.

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How to know your Bible without being a jerk

compassion bible anger discipleship

I love the Bible. I also love to be right. So I get it. When my ego gets involved in spiritual conversations, I can wield the Bible as a...

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Why serving others this holiday matters more than we think

community hope love compassion christmas

This Thanksgiving, I sat by an empty chair. My family, like all families, crams in our modest house for holidays. It’s a blur of jutted ...

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The Razor’s Edge

From The Razor's Edge

community relationships compassion friendship

Jesus walked the Razor’s Edge between having compassion on the crowds and also "the one" that was far away from Him. The question is, how...

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Level Up - Week 1

From Level Up

compassion humility

Jesus is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Yet, he was born in a manger covered in dirt in the most humble birth imaginable to show u...

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If it’s OK to not be OK, why do I feel so guilty and depressed?

depression compassion health regret

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a woman who wrestled with depression and went through three counselors in two years, this articl...

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Why It’s Good to Overlook a Mistake

forgiveness compassion

The car won’t start or has a flat tire. The baby won’t stop crying or the kids can’t find their shoes before school. Your spouse needs yo...

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5 Tips To Be Sexcessful

From Better Together

marriage compassion humility patience

The Big Idea Understanding this will change your marriage: you are holy and dearly loved by God. Get Started What is one word you...

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You Have Enough

compassion prayer faith thankfulness

The distance between lack and abundance can often seem like an unfathomable stretch.  A good example is when we check our bank account ba...

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Two Principles That Will Change Your Perspective

compassion generosity humility nehemiah

Nehemiah was a man of influence and wealth who couldn’t enjoy all that he had knowing his people were suffering. He left a cushy job to r...

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How To Help A Grieving Friend

death healing relationships compassion

It’s hard to know exactly what to do when a friend is grieving deeply. I’ve tried sending flowers, even an occasional chicken pie. After ...

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