How to have a Spring Break you won’t regret

students rest regret alcohol

Spring break is a much-needed week off from school. Professors assign homework that is typically ignored, and college students everywhere...

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Freedom from your past

freedom regret

A recap of Kaleb White’s sermon, “Freedom From Your Past,” in 140 characters or less.  Nobody can hurt us like ...

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Lessons from Moses about how to move on

forgiveness regret

Holding onto regrets will always hold us back from living the life God wants us to live. When we focus on our past mistakes it causes us ...

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If it’s OK to not be OK, why do I feel so guilty and depressed?

depression compassion health regret

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a woman who wrestled with depression and went through three counselors in two years, this articl...

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This is how you can get past guilt

condemnation regret shame

I can’t believe I did that! I am a failure. I can’t really be a Christian. They would never like me if they knew what I&rsquo...

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Nothing Is Impossible


The labels people place on us.The struggles of our past.The less-than-ideal situations we find ourselves in.Sometimes, it feels like we&r...

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Surviving Grief Without Losing Your Mind

death regret grief

Losing someone you love is like having part of your heart ripped out. Whether death came through sudden catastrophe or a drawn out diseas...

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Making His Joy My Own - Amber Moore’s Story

Feb 5, 2013

salvation joy regret

Amber Moore didn’t understand why she wasn’t experiencing the same joy as other Christians around her, until she realized she’d been tryi...

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