Session 22

Dear God, help me make sense of current events

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

When you watch the news or look at social media, it can seem like the world has lost its mind and God has gone AWOL.

Thankfully, no matter how godless and out of control things appear, God is still in charge. Because God is a loving Father who wants good things for His children, we can trust that He is going to use even terrible things to bring about our good and His glory. 

When we focus on God’s goodness and our place in eternity, the craziness of this world isn’t quite so overwhelming.


  • Which characteristic of God gives you the most comfort? His love, His faithfulness, His guidance? Take time to appreciate who God is.
  • How has God been a good father to you in the past? Thank God for how He’s loved you.


  • What is something good you want to see God bring out of the chaos? Tell God how you hope to see Him exalted through the difficulties of the day. 


  • What do you see happening in the world that scares you? Admit to God that you’re afraid and need His comfort. Ask Him to calm your fears as you focus on Him rather than the issue that scares you.
  • Has your concern about the state of the world damaged your relationship with God or with others? Ask God for forgiveness and for the courage to reconcile with others. 
  • What are you worried about that only God can fix? Will you turn that worry over to God? Ask God to increase your faith as you put your trust in Him. 

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