Session 23

Dear God, stop the violence

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

School shootings. Terrorist attacks. Domestic violence. Humans hurt each other — sometimes in horrific ways — because we live in a world broken by sin. It’s easy to feel like the violence will never stop. 

But one day, it will. Violence and pain were not God’s plan for humanity, and Jesus is coming back. He’s bringing justice and mercy and will set things right. As Christians, we can look forward to a day with no more pain and no more tears.

And while we wait, God promises to be with us, comfort us, and encourage us through our pain and fear. As we hope for the future day when Jesus will return and stop the violence, we can bring our questions, fear, and anguish to Him. Jesus promises to meet us in these heavy places.


  • How has God comforted and encouraged you in the midst of violence in your life or in our world? Thank Him for being present in your pain.
  • Where have you witnessed God’s justice and mercy? Tell Him what it means to you to experience His promise.


  • What situation are you most looking forward to God bringing justice and mercy to? Thank Him that He promises to do it, and ask Him to hasten the day when He will set it right.


  • What feelings and questions do you have? Bring them to God, and ask Him to give you comfort, encouragement, peace, and wisdom.
  • Have you, or has someone you know, been a victim of violence? Ask God to forgive the perpetrators, bring them to salvation, and help you forgive them.
  • When are you most afraid of violence? Ask God for protection from violence, and to replace your fear with His peace.

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