Session 15

Dear God, help me to not give up on others

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

Sometimes people are really hard to love. The truth is that when people are the most difficult to love, they need love the most. 

You may feel like someone doesn’t deserve to be prayed for or reached out to. But the Bible tells us that we love, not because people always deserve it, but because God first loved us. And if you are a Christian, that means Jesus pursued and reached out to you when you didn’t deserve it either.

When we love people and don’t give up on them, we are consistently reminded of what the Lord did for us. 


  • Do you remember the moment you asked Jesus into your life? Thank the Lord for His faithfulness in your life. 
  • Can you recall an event or person God used to remind you of His love during a difficult time? Let God know how good He’s been to you and how much His pursuit means to you. 


  • Psalm 145 tells us God is faithful in all He promises and trustworthy in all He does. As you think about the difficult people in your life, what are you hoping to see God do in them? Share your dreams and desires for those people with God. 


  • Pursuing people is exhausting. What do you need more of today to keep going? Ask God to give you patience, compassion, or whatever you’re in short supply of today. 
  • Have you ever given up on someone when you knew you shouldn’t? Ask God for forgiveness, and reach out to that person again. 
  • Is there anyone you need to reach out to that you have wanted to give up on? Ask God how you can maintain that relationship, even when it is difficult.

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