Session 26

Dear God, help me to not lose sight of your presence when things are going well

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

There are times when we struggle, and there are times when we thrive.

When things are going well in our lives, it’s easy to forget that we still need God to guide us. During these times, we can lose our desperation for God’s presence. His delight is not in our strength but in those whose hope is in Him. It’s challenging to remember to ask God for guidance when there seems to be little to guide through.

Regardless of how well things are going, God still has more of Himself to give to us and more places He wants to lead us. 


  • Where are some places where you can see God working for your good? What are some ways He’s taken care of you this week? Take time to recognize His presence and celebrate that He is a good Father. 
  • How can you see God providing for you? Everything we have came from God’s hands, so thank Him for caring for you. 


  • What are you expecting God to do through this time? Let Him know what you’re looking forward to experiencing next. 
  • What is one quality you’re asking God to build in you right now? Let Him know you’re anticipating growth. 


  • Is there an area of your life where you’d like to see God more clearly? Ask God for His help.
  • Is anything taking your attention away from God? Talk to God about it. Tell Him what’s distracting you and ask Him for forgiveness. 
  • Are you finding your hope in God or in your abilities? God is more powerful than we are. Ask for His strength and guidance, and see what happens. 

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