Session 9

Dear God, I feel so alone

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

Have you ever felt like no one understands you? 

Maybe you’ve been through something life-altering no one else you know has experienced. Maybe you have a dream your family and friends think is crazy. Or maybe, you just feel different. No matter where you are, your style, your interests, and your mannerisms never seem to fit the occasion.

When you’ve been in those situations, you realize that feeling misunderstood can be as isolating as being truly alone.  

When we feel hopeless and depressed, our first instinct is often to push God away. But God can teach us the most when we lean into Him during difficult times. When loneliness compels us to give up, and we reach out to God instead, we find that our greatest companionship is with Him. 


  • How has God been present in the past?
  • Take a moment to look at your current circumstances. How can you, like the psalmist, see God’s faithful care and leadership in your life today?


  • Psalm 43:5 shows us that we should praise the Lord, even when we feel downcast and disturbed. What are you hoping for the future? What do today’s psalms say about God’s ability to accomplish what you are hoping for? 


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how close are you to giving up? Ask God to give you what you need to face today.  
  • Have you been looking to other people or things to fix the loneliness you feel? It’s never too late to put your hope in God instead. Ask Him for forgiveness. 
  • Is there a specific situation or circumstance driving your isolation? Ask God to draw near to you and comfort you. Spend time recalling His promises and how much He loves you. 

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