Session 13

Dear God, I’m worried about my friends

From Amen: A 27-Day Prayer Guide

Jesus tells us to love our friends as He has loved us. And sometimes, that means having uncomfortable conversations.

The most loving thing we can do when we’re worried about a friend is to pray for that person and to talk to him or her about what we’re seeing. Proverbs tells us it’s better to correct a friend than keep our thoughts to ourselves, and we can trust the feedback of good friends.  

If we want our friends to grow, and if we expect them to encourage us to grow, we have to be honest with each other and care for each other’s feelings. Friendships built around Jesus are the most satisfying earthly relationships. Ask God to guide you as you love your friends with a humble heart.


  • Jesus considers us His friends — what an honor! Thank God for His friendship, love, and grace. 
  • How has God steered you through tough conversations in the past? What did you learn about God from that experience? Thank Him for choosing you and showing you what it means to love. 


  • Do you have friends you want to see strengthen or start relationships with God? Tell God what you’re looking forward to seeing Him do in the people around you. 


  • How can you be a better friend and follower of Jesus? Ask God to show you how you can love others well. 
  • Is there something a friend should be holding you accountable for? If your actions have put distance in your relationship with God or with others, ask Him for forgiveness.  
  • Is God asking you to step forward and speak to a friend about something that’s troubling you? Ask God for wisdom about what to say and to prepare that person’s heart to receive your words. 

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