Know someone who talks a good game? Whether it’s your trash-talking sibling or the colleague who embellishes her past experiences, we’ve all heard stories that seem too good to be true.... Read More

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Session 1

How to experience true change

When LeBron James, one of the NBA’s top basketball players, returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, local fans rejoiced and even printed T-s...

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Session 2

Why baptism matters for you

Have you ever wondered why Jesus got baptized? John’s ministry had one message — turn away from sin and be baptized. John baptized as a w...

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Session 3

Do you want to be closer to Jesus?

We’ve all been stuck behind the car that doesn’t move when the stoplight turns green. We beep at them and yell at them (as if they can he...

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Session 4

Do you see Jesus as a healer?

Many of us were raised by parents who could command authority with a look. Others of us knew by the tone of voice that straightening up w...

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Session 5

Why does time with Jesus matter?

In a world that constantly tells us we aren’t doing enough and don’t have enough, why would a person take time to be alone and pray? Why ...

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Session 6

What does faith look like?

For centuries, creative people have brought spiritual realities to life through personification. For example, death is a walking skeleton...

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Session 7

You don’t have to clean up first

Jesus was known for pushing the boundaries of what people of his time would have deemed socially acceptable. He went places other religio...

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Session 8

What is the Sabbath and why does it matter?

It’s the most dreaded notification every smartphone owner receives: “Battery low. Connect your charger to continue working.” Our phones ...

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Session 9

How to do life with others like Jesus did

Jesus was fully God, yet He did not do life alone. Jesus chose a motley crew to be His disciples. These were ordinary, working-class men ...

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Session 10

Is your top commitment to Jesus?

What would have happened if Noah had completed 90 percent of the ark? Imagine if he’d left a small hole in the hull or left off the roof,...

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Session 11

Are you growing good soil?

“We need some good dirt,” the boy’s green-thumbed grandmother declared as they prepared to plant spring flowers. She knew that bountiful ...

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Session 12

Your story is powerful and important

Everyone loves a good story.   Gripping stories can launch us to the edge of our seat championing for the underdog to win the big game. ...

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Session 13

How to combat fear with faith

It’s easy to believe Jesus is Lord when things are going great. But what about when everything is falling apart? In Mark 4, the disciple...

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Session 14

How has Jesus changed your whole life?

Sometimes life leaves us in anguish — head down, beaten, and without hope. Dreams of becoming something or someone great seem so distant....

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Session 15

Why your faith is important

Jesus performed many wonders and miracles during His life. In Mark 5, a distinguished ruler asked Jesus to come to his house to heal his ...

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Session 16

How to believe even when it’s hard to see

When was the last time someone told you something that was hard to believe? Previous evidence suggests that what the person says might no...

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Session 17

What to do when you face an impossible task

Think about a time you felt desperate, distraught, and discouraged. Whatever the situation, it seemed never-ending. Certain words, sounds...

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Session 18

Don’t let distraction stop you from seeing the miracle

Living in this broken world can easily harden our hearts to the joy and peace and miracles God gives us each day. Sin is all over the pla...

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Session 19

Life with Jesus is more than a list of rules

Two toddlers are playing when one yanks a toy away shouting, “Mine!”   We teach kids to learn to share and work together to be successfu...

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Session 20

Are your beliefs based on experience?

Whether it’s a new movie in theaters or an unknown band’s first song on the radio, we all love celebrating something new. But forming an...

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Session 21

When it’s time to stop asking for a sign

In Mark 8:1-13, Jesus stops teaching a crowd and attends to their needs by creating a feast for 4,000 people from a few fish and seven lo...

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Session 22

Sometimes, saying no is the best yes

Have you ever set a goal and didn’t complete it? Like breaking a diet for the cake in the break room, saying yes to one thing often requi...

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Session 23

What happens when you go to God in prayer

You sit down on the couch and flip the switch to the table lamp. Nothing happens. You head off to the closet to grab a new bulb and repla...

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Session 24

You are a vital part of the church family

When a soccer player gets a red card, it affects the whole team. A red card puts the offending player out of the game, which means the te...

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Session 25

What Jesus said you should do with sin

Status always comes with responsibility. As an actress experiences more fame, her influence on pop culture grows. As an athlete breaks ne...

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Session 26

Who do you lean on the most?

Have you ever noticed how a little child clings to a parent? With an open heart and open arms, he reaches out, trusting that he will be n...

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Session 27

How to know what you really value

Mark 10 tells of a rich man who wanted a relationship with Jesus. When the man asks how to be saved, Jesus tells him to sell his possessi...

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Session 28

Tired of not getting your way?

“…whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” When we read Mark 11:24, it sounds like all ...

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Session 29

You have a brand, but do you know what it is?

The most expensive part of every pair of jeans isn’t the material but the label. When we buy a brand, we’re paying for more than the fit ...

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Session 30

The greatest of all the commandments is love

By Jesus’ time, the Jews had created hundreds of rules for following God. There were so many rules, some leaders started sorting them int...

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Session 31

It’s OK to want to be blessed

In Mark 12, Jesus sat down to watch people bring gifts to God. Those who were wealthy and gave a lot of money didn’t impress Jesus. But w...

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Session 32

How to survive the end of the world

If you look at what we watch and what we read, our culture is obsessed with the end of the world. Some have a theory as to how it will ha...

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Session 33

You’re one of the bad guys

It’s easy to see Judas as a greedy, thieving betrayer. He was one of the bad guys. We’re Christians. We’re the good guys, right? The tru...

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Session 34

Why communion is a powerful symbol of our faith

What makes a gift good or memorable? It definitely has to be thought through. It more than likely came at a high cost, either financially...

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Session 35

When you are weak, Jesus makes you strong

When was the last time you sat around the dinner table and openly discussed your weaknesses? If you’re cringing, it’s because admitting o...

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Session 36

Are you scared of sharing your faith?

After Jesus was arrested, the disciples scattered. Mark 14:54 records that Peter followed Jesus and the guards at a distance so as to not...

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Session 37

Does fear drive you to deny Jesus?

At some point, we’ve all been in a state of denial. We try doing things we did 10 or 20 years ago because we’re in denial about our aging...

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Session 38

You don’t have to make everyone happy

Mark 15 opens with the high priests bringing Jesus to Pilate. The priests wanted Jesus dead and refused to stop until He hung on a cross....

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Session 39

You are not alone in your suffering

Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Perhaps you didn’t see the suffering coming, but in a moment your world turned upside down and you ...

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Session 40

Some things are too important to worry about fitting in

We all want to be part of the “in” crowd at some point in our life. Maybe you went to extraordinary lengths to be part of the cool table ...

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Session 41

What the resurrection did for you

What if the resurrection never occurred? What if Mary and Mary Magdalene had walked up to the tomb and didn’t find the stone rolled away?...

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