Session 21

What’s the purpose of wrath?

From Revelation: A 28-Day Devotional

A child is pushing his mom’s patience toward her limit. She says, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to .....” 

Moments later, she says, “If you don’t stop right this minute, I’m going to ...”

Then, finally, she says, “You know I mean it, you better stop right now or ....” 

Delivering consequences are one of the hardest parts of a parent’s job. No parent enjoys it, but every parent knows it’s necessary.

To not follow-through would be unjust and unkind. If parents never follow through with a consequence, the child’s heart never changes. Rather than learning patience and self-control, the child’s sin nature is rewarded. 

Revelation 16 could be read as a description of a future global battle between good and evil. But, it also must be read as a personal explanation of the consequences of sin. God is not making empty promises. He is serious about dealing with sin because He knows how destructive it is. 

God is so serious about our sin, He sent His Son to atone for it and gives us His Spirit to help us live in freedom from it. But to receive these gifts is a choice we all have to make. 

The wrath poured out in Revelation 16 is the consequence of refusing these gifts. With each bowl, God gives man an opportunity to repent and see Him as He really is. God cannot be loving without being just, and there will come a time when all of mankind will have to reckon with his sinfulness. 

God’s wrath doesn’t have to be our consequence. Every day that there’s breath in our lungs, we have the opportunity to turn from sin and turn toward Him.

  • What has God given you to help you turn away from sin?
  • What is the Holy Spirit telling you to confess and repent of today?

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