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Session 14

Food for thought

Read: Revelation 3:14-22

Almighty God shows up at your house unannounced, pounds on your door, and asks you if you'll have dinner with him. Why wouldn't you open the door? After all, you are His most cherished friend. Why else would He have given His life to save yours in the ultimate act of love?

All of us like to set boundaries on our relationships. We don't want just anyone getting too close.
We'll tweet, instant message and video chat all day long, knowing we'll never have to meet face to face. Even when we share sincere conversations with our co–workers and church friends, it's still rare that we would invite them into our homes for a meal.

When Jesus starts His relationship with us in such an intimate setting, we know He only wants to go deeper and further from there.

The great invitation of Revelation 3:20 comes inside a letter Jesus writes to the church at Laodicea. He rebukes them for being “lukewarm.” Laodicea wants to keep Jesus at a nice, safe distance. In fact, the church at Laodicea thinks they have “enough” Jesus. They don't want a relationship that will inevitably make demands of them. They'd rather Twitter or Facebook every now and again.

Jesus describes the church at Laodicea as “pitiable.” Everyone knows of Jesus. Many have had Him as a passing acquaintance. But who will treat Jesus as a true friend? Who will walk with Jesus knowing that His passions and burdens must inevitably end up becoming our own?

Will we open the door? Will we pretend that we aren't home or that Jesus isn't standing there? Perhaps we can hang with Him when it's a little more convenient? Jesus is not calling for a lukewarm commitment. Only those who risk true relationship with Jesus will experience the delight of true fellowship with Him.

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