10 reasons to read the Bible

Feb 6, 2019

discipline bible purpose

Why read the Bible? Why wake up 15 minutes early each day? Why go to all that trouble?  After all, sleeping is better than reading, right...

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Sermon Series


Jan 13, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019

discipline prayer fasting following jesus

What’s the bottom line? It’s a question we often find ourselves asking. In this series, we’ll explore Jesus’ command to "seek first His k...

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What is fasting and why do Christians do it?

Jan 21, 2019

discipline bible prayer fasting

Maybe you’ve skipped meals to lose weight or even simply because you’re too busy or tired to cook, but that’s not fasting. Fasting isn’t...

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365-Day Bible Reading Plan

Dec 1, 2011

discipline bible reading plans

It’s simple; we want you to commit to reading the Bible everyday—and see what happens. What can God teach you? How can He change you? Dow...

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The Father’s Discipline

From No Ordinary Father

Sep 24, 2018

discipline fatherhood characteristics of god following jesus

The word "discipline" carries negative associations for many people. But our Heavenly Father is perfect, and his discipline is meant for ...

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Why you can trust your heavenly Father’s discipline

Sep 24, 2018

discipline characteristics of god

I don’t need to explain to my kids when I get out of the Chick-fil-A drive before getting them a treat because they know their behavior i...

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How to spend time with God

Sep 14, 2018

discipline bible prayer

The phrase “quiet time” is tossed around causally in most Christian circles. But if you didn’t grow up in church, you’re probably wonderi...

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Is it wrong to overeat?

Nov 24, 2017

discipline addiction health idolatry

Is your life controlled by your desire to eat more food? Your immediate answer might be “no,” but how many pictures of food have you lik...

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Three simple ways to make this year different

Jan 7, 2016

discipline money health time management

We all want to win at life, to do better for our families, to be better at our jobs and to have better lives. But if we want to perform a...

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Session 1

From Gauntlet 2018

Aug 9, 2018

discipline faith fear

Jesus wants to be the most awesome thing in our lives. When our awe is fully captured by Jesus, we respond in faith, not fear, to the cha...

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Five lessons I learned about being a dad

June 13, 2018

discipline fatherhood children parenting

It seems like yesterday when I found out I was going to be a dad.  My wife and I were excited about being parents, and I loved the idea o...

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