From Elephant in the Room

Sep 30, 2019

worship culture idolatry

Is God No. 1 in your life? That’s the elephant in the room for all us. In this message, Dan Lian discusses idols of the heart, such as co...

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"Elephant in the Room" Group Leader Guide: Week 4

Sep 29, 2019

idolatry elephant in the room group guides

In week 4 of "Elephant in the Room," we heard from Dan Lian about the dangers of idolatry. Every culture has a propensity toward idolatry...

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Love America, Worship God

July 23, 2015

community worship idolatry

“God Bless The USA” took singer/songwriter Lee Greenwood to No. 7 on the country music charts in 1984. This heartfelt patriotic song dom...

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Top Resources on Idolatry

Sep 28, 2019


Use the resources below to understand some of the common idols in modern-day America. 1. How to know you have an idol (Article) Idols are...

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How to fight back against the idol of productivity

April 24, 2019

identity time management idolatry

The laundry and grocery shopping needs to be done. There are kids to pick-up, and disagreements to resolve. You’re trying to get going on...

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How to know when you’re worshipping your work

Nov 28, 2018

worship purpose work idolatry

I’d been happily working at the office for almost two years when out of nowhere everything changed. What once was a joyous environment be...

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Is it wrong to overeat?

Nov 24, 2017

discipline addiction health idolatry

Is your life controlled by your desire to eat more food? Your immediate answer might be “no,” but how many pictures of food have you lik...

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How to know you have an idol

Aug 11, 2017

temptation idolatry following jesus

On my bookshelves in my study in our basement, you will find objects from my travels around the world.  Aside from the books that line th...

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My One And Only - Becca Page’s Story

Oct 29, 2013

suicide dating relationships idolatry

Becca was driven to despair after she wrapped her identity around a boyfriend, but Jesus taught her who she needed to depend on. This is ...

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Three problems with insecurity

Oct 22, 2012

identity idolatry self worth

Insecurity: a nasty little habit that seems to follow you at work, at home, and when you’re with friends. It comes in the form of negativ...

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