40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

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Why pray and fast? Why now?

God makes a promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14. If we’ll humble ourselves and pray, He will hear our prayers and heal our land. 

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” - 2 Chronicles 7:14

Our state and country are desperate for healing. So we’re taking God up on His Word. From July 12 to Aug. 21, we’re inviting everyone to pray and fast.

How to get involved

  • Attend prayer gatherings at your campus every Sunday at 7pm
  • Fast from 7pm Sunday to 7pm Monday every week from July 12 to Aug. 21.
  • Follow along from home using the guide below.

What pleases God is not our religious routine, outrageous offerings, or even extreme self-denial.

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40 Days of Prayer and Fasting Guide

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Session 1

First, we grieve

Future generations will hear of 2020 and be amazed. Through this time of strife and disease, God is calling His people back to Him in ful...

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Session 2

Do you hear that?

The alarm is sounding. It’s time to wake up! The Day of the LORD is coming. The LORD says, “Return to me with all your heart.” 

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Session 3

What makes you weep?

The prophet Jeremiah wept over his sin and the sin of God’s people. As we read, pray, and fast today, let’s see the seriousness of our si...

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Session 4

God doesn’t enjoy seeing you suffer

When the future looks bleak, the days feel long, and injustice is everywhere, we find hope in knowing that God’s love and compassion neve...

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Session 5

Desperation won’t drive God away

Psalm 42 reminds us that our desperation doesn’t drive God away. We can ask Him the hard questions like, “When?” and “Why?” 

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Session 6

What’s the wise thing to do?

Job 28 reminds us that while we may want to do what’s wise, only God knows the way to true wisdom. 

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Session 7

Where’s the love?

Have we abandoned the love we had at first? As you read, fast, and pray today, remember the love you had for Christ when you first believed.

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Session 8

We are children of light

In God’s family, we do things differently than the rest of the world. We imitate Jesus, loving others as He loved us.

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Session 9

The one thing that really matters

Just because news and social media have the loudest voices doesn’t mean they are the most trusted voices.

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Session 10

Prepare for a battle

Ephesians 6:10-24 reminds us that while we are in a battle, our enemy isn’t made of flesh and bone.

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Session 11

What’s driving your sacrifice?

Has your personal time with God become boring or routine? Isaiah 1:11-20 reminds us that God isn’t interested in our religiosity. 

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Session 12

The kind of fast God wants

In Isaiah 58, God tells His people that fasting and prayer have to be more than religious activity. 

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Session 13

Rescue is what God does best

Sin disconnects us from God, making us blind and vulnerable. But while sin gripped us tightly in its coils, God stepped in to rescue us.

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Session 14

We can be fearless

Jesus sees and understands every detail of our lives. Whatever life throws at us, we take hope knowing Jesus preserves our lives forever.

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Session 15

How to be blessed

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reframes what it means to be truly blessed.

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Session 16

How to live in God’s kingdom

Life in the kingdom is only truly possible with a yielded heart, a renewed mind, and God’s grace. 

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Session 17

Where to find peace in a storm

In Mark 5, Jesus performed some of His greatest miracles — but not before He and His disciples encountered a violent storm crossing a lak...

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Session 18

Now’s the time to get ready

King Jesus is coming back, and our mission, much like John the Baptist’s, is to prepare the way for His return. 

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Session 19

Resist through the Word

The sustaining power and steadfast ways of Jesus through the Holy Spirit are possible for us.

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Session 20

Stand in the gap

Jesus stood in the gap for us! May we now stand in the gap for our friends, family, and community through prayer. 

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Session 21

A call to remain faithful

We are not destined to fall into the world’s traps. 

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Session 22

This is how we fight our battles

Peter instructs everyone to live rooted in humility — something we all need. 

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Session 23

He will be our Shepherd

There is only one perfect Sheperd: Jesus the Messiah. Let Him surround you with His protection, provision, and peace. 

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Session 24

What does God want?

What pleases God is not our religious routine, outrageous offerings, or even extreme self-denial.

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New to prayer and fasting?

You’re not alone. This toolkit will link you to articles, sermons, books, and resources that can help you along the way.