Young people struggle with questions of identity. This study takes a look into how sin fractures our God-given identity. But Jesus came and not only saved us from our sin but also restored our... Read More

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Session 1


Social media is huge in our world. And even if we don't know it, we have all been affected by social media in some way. A lot of us h...

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Session 2

What Is On The Inside > What Is On The Outside

“You’re so beautiful, what the heck!”  “You look good.” Words we all want to hear, right? We want peo...

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Session 3

Satan Wants To Confuse You

Apart from Jesus, we cannot know our true identity. What we were made for. One way to make sure you’re finding your identity in Jes...

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Session 4


You know that terrible feeling of “I don’t know what I want to do with my life”? Those times when you question every a...

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Session 5

Our Mission

Once you know your identity, your mission in life becomes pretty clear. So here’s the truth: Your identity is found in Jesus Christ...

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