The Joy of the Lord

From Joy to the World

Dec 2, 2019

happiness joy following jesus

There’s a world of difference between happiness and joy. In this message, Dan Lian explains that happiness works from the outside in, but...

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You don’t have to make everyone happy this Christmas

Dec 5, 2018

love happiness relationships christmas joy

Tears — on Christmas day. Even though my daughter had opened more presents than she could count, she hadn’t opened a tablet. And to make...

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5 unconventional ways God used humor to make a point

April 1, 2015

happiness bible joy

It shouldn’t take April Fool’s Day for us to appreciate a good joke. God has a great sense of humor. The Bible contains as much wit and ...

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My food addiction threatened to kill me

Jan 14, 2017

freedom depression anxiety healing identity salvation happiness

Zach Pritchett was dangerously overweight and hopeless. Then he found the strength to start over in a surprising way

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How a “bad kid” made a surprising turnaround

Feb 28, 2017

community salvation happiness prayer gauntlet drugs mothers

When Zach Hughes was expelled from school, his family worried for his future, but they had faith God could give him a new start.

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How to age without growing old

Sep 22, 2016

church happiness purpose God's will

When my children were in elementary school, I accompanied their classes to visit nursing homes. The children brought gifts and chatted wi...

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Sex Is Great For The Church

Aug 28, 2014

marriage church happiness sex

God is pro-sex.The Church should be, too.3 Ways Sex Is Great For The Church1. Sex is a celebration of commitment.Marriage is unique becau...

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