Rescue Is Possible

From 2 Peter: An 8-Day Devotional


Terrible things happen in our world today. We all know it exists. Watch the evening news on any network, and you’ll see it: uncontr...

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Stripping Away the Lies -- Tibrea Dresko’s Story

family obedience marriage rescue

Trying to escape from her unhappy home life, Tibrea turned to stripping for her survival until God came to her rescue. This is her story ...

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Sidelined For Good - Kaleb Dees’ Story

identity addiction rescue calling drugs

When the end of Kaleb Dees football career stripped away his man-made identity, he discovered his God-given purpose. Watch Kaleb's st...

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Courageous Grace - Sharie King’s Story

healing abuse miracles rescue grace

Sharie King was tormented for four years through sexual abuse at the hands of a family member until one day she dared to believe God coul...

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Rescued From Suffering - Mike Hunt’s Story

trust rescue faith

Resuced from suffering. God used a fatal plane crash to teach Mike Hunt that Jesus Christ is the conqueror over death. It would be a less...

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I Wasn’t Alone In The Car

rescue provision faith suffering

It was just a typical day on the campus of Auburn University, and Ben Thomas should have been paying more attention as he drove up to the...

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