How Do We Renew Our Mind?

From NewSpring at Home | Difference Maker Mindset

April 19, 2020

anxiety responsibility fear

This pandemic is changing all of us. What do you want it to produce in you? Discover how your mindest in this season affects who you beco...

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Finding the balance between responsibility and reward

From Genesis: A 7-Week Devotional

obedience responsibility

Genesis is hardly a dull book. Filled with murder, incest, polygamy, fraud, infighting, and genocide, it reads more like Mario Puzo than ...

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How to teach your preteen responsibility

students responsibility parenting

Everyone has a different parenting philosophy. In the search for the best way to raise my two children, I found valuable parenting insigh...

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Are basketball brackets worth the madness?

money debt responsibility culture

Selection Sunday is the day the teams competing in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament are revealed. As the coverage star...

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What mission trips tell you about a man’s character

dating relationships responsibility missions

I have always been drawn to other cultures. From a young age, I was fascinated by countries outside the United States. I was mesmerized w...

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Fixing your marriage starts with you

marriage mistakes responsibility reconciliation

You know the feeling. You’ve spent several hours in the same room but neither of you has spoken a word. It’s the dreaded sil...

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Six questions for finding a job that works

money responsibility work

As school comes to a close, millions of high school and college graduates are going to throw their hats into the job market. L...

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The Parable of the Three Sons

generosity responsibility

Once there was a king with three sons. On the youngest son’s eighteenth birthday, he gave each son a plot of land to use however he...

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 6

July 26, 2012

church responsibility fear gauntlet

Brad finishes up our talk on the Church and what it means to you with this message on being fearless.

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Gauntlet 2012 - Session 4

July 25, 2012

community church responsibility gauntlet

We all see the buildings and the signs, but what exactly is the Church? During this session Brad talks on why the Church matters to you.

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