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Song of Solomon: A-17 Day Devotional

Most of what we know about sex and love, we learned from romantic comedies, our parents’ relationships, or the other kids at school. But when it comes to understanding sexual intimacy, the best place to go is to the source. 

God created man and woman. He invented marriage and officiated the first wedding. Sex was God’s idea, given to man and woman and pronounced “good” in the Garden of Eden. 

Some of the Bible’s most direct statements about sex are found in Song of Solomon. Written by King Solomon early in his reign, the Song of Solomon is a wedding song. It’s a celebration of the freedom and intimacy between a husband and wife. 

God’s intent for sex was nothing like the self-gratifying, casual exchange we see on TV and among friends. Sex as God designed it is a holy union, illustrated perfectly in this ongoing conversations between a husband and wife. 

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